• Tim Dupell

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    As the former CFO, Secretary, and Treasurer of Physician Partners, Inc., Tim Dupell oversaw the financial activities of a venture-backed healthcare company for the first time. This experience gave him invaluable insights into the importance of hiring healthcare professionals genuinely passionate about helping families. Dupell firmly believes that a high level of clinician and educator ownership is essential to creating a safer and more consistent healthcare experience.


    Dupell has worked with healthcare clinics and direct-care providers throughout his career, allowing him to witness firsthand the correlation between stable business plans and dependable, high-quality healthcare. His expertise in this area is reflected in his published essay, "Practice Management Companies Improve Practices," which appeared in Healthcare Financial Management. In this piece, Dupell commented on the vital connection between well-designed teams, proper financing, and the implementation of best-practice protocols.


    Dupell recognizes that when properly organized, physicians are better equipped to deliver high-quality care. He firmly believes that sustainable support for healthcare organizations is inherently tied to access to capital. With his wealth of experience in the healthcare industry, Tim Dupell continues to work towards improving the quality of care for families nationwide.