• About Tim Dupell

    Tim Dupell has spent the last 20 years helping therapeutic leaders set up mental and behavioral health programs for distressed families.
    Programs develop sustainable models for long-term success with the assistance of Dupell's business and economics education and expertise. He still lends his sympathetic knowledge and unwavering commitment to comprehensive treatment programs, giving long-term patient success and bettered family results first attention.

    Personal Passion for Volunteering

    Tim highly values practical care and advocacy for those with mental health issues. With loved ones and family members suffering from dyslexia, dysgraphia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, addiction, and autism, he is aware of the need to provide individualized treatment to each patient and their family.
    After gaining significant experience in finance, accounting, and risk management, he discovered his purpose in this industry. His career gradually evolved from being a CPA consultant for Ernst & Young to starting Family Help & Wellness. This company supports adolescent mental and behavioral health across the country.

    A Service-Oriented Career

    Dupell entered management accounting with HMO Oregon/Capital Health Care after working as a CPA focusing on insurance and healthcare. He identified locations where people were not receiving the necessary services due to his six years of employment with this organization. He then became The Corvallis Clinic's chief financial officer. His knowledge was necessary for establishing the clinic's financial stability and moral character. Dupell stated that he forged lifelong ties with decent individuals who care about treating clients, customers, and workers with high levels of respect, decency, and gratitude, because of his work in both jobs.

    Understanding the Value of Apartment Ownership

    Dupell worked as the CFO, secretary, and treasurer at Physician Partners, Inc. He was in charge of a venture-backed company's whole financial operations for the first time. He learned the value of selecting medical personnel who sincerely want to assist families from Physician Partners, Inc. putting a higher level of physician and educator ownership results in safer and more reliable healthcare.
    Tim was able to personally witness the link between reliable business strategies and dependable, high-quality healthcare through his work with healthcare clinics and networking with direct-care providers. Dupell's piece, "Practice Management Companies Improve Practices," which notes this association, was published in Healthcare Financial Management.
    Physicians are better able to adopt best-practice guidelines when they are structured appropriately. Along with well-designed teams, an organization benefits from adequate funding since access to cash is inextricably linked to sustained support.

    Using knowledge to improve patient outcomes

    Dupell went to a position with a national provider of adolescent mental health treatment when he decided to apply his abilities more precisely to aid at-risk adolescents. Dupell oversaw the organization's financial, legal, risk management, and IT services in his roles as CFO and Executive Vice President. He wanted to assist families more directly after working for this firm for more than five years. Tim was aware of the healing powers of nature and wished to offer therapeutically planned wilderness trips to families going through difficult times.

    Family Support & Well-Being

    In 2008, Dupell co-founded Family Help & Wellness to enable therapeutic leaders to deliver the highest quality of treatment. He currently works as a mental health advocate and one of 30 minority investors. WinGate Wilderness Therapy was the only program offered by this organization at the outset. To give teenagers struggling with mental and behavioral health an intensive therapeutic wilderness experience, Dupell established WinGate in collaboration with skilled psychologists and field guides. Tim received requests to create or sponsor several other projects from eminent clinical experts and program administrators during the ensuing years.
    Currently, 19 programs get resources and best practice management from Family Help & Wellness. These programs provide residential and backcountry care for adolescents and young adults with mental and behavioral health challenges.
    Partnering with people who "have a strong sense of purpose and caring for others" was a priority for Dupell. Field-experienced doctors and educators make up more than half of FHW's ownership. In the FHW family, licensed therapists and educators use supportive, experiential therapies that are relationship-centered and clinically shown to be effective in treating patients. Each program offers teenagers and young adults the resources they require to succeed as unique individuals.

    Activities and Interests

    Dupell now has more time to engage in his interests because his managerial responsibilities at Family Help & Wellness have decreased. Tim likes to engage in various outdoor activities, including running and hiking. He frequently travels with Sadie and Lucy, his two Lhasa Aphsos. Before studying economics and business, Tim originally intended to teach history—a topic he still finds interesting.
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